Tri-State Area Self-Storage Building Contractors

Kerzner Contracting is your General Contractor for Storage Construction

Kerzner Contracting is one of the most prominent storage facility builders in the New York Tri-State area. Our company specializes in commercial contracting with an area of focus on mini storage building projects. Self-Storage Construction is a very specialized, niche construction vertical. Our experience includes construction of facilities exceeding 100k square feet.  Experience matters with Kerzner Contracting.  

Self-Storage Due Diligence & Design Process

We are experts in self-storage construction and help you along the process and design engineering.  There are many key factors that play into the process of designing and building a self storage center.  

  • Site selection – a cheap piece of land is not always the smartest investment.  Identifying a heavy traffic and well-visited site is vital.  
  • Leveraging design experience to ensure you are maximizing rentable space on your property. 
  • Geotechnical surveys before the purchase of your site can save you lots of money and time.  An important step that should not be overlooked. 
  • Expertise in material purchasing.  Cost and timing of material is a critical component of an on-time and on-budget project. 
  • Proper roofing and draining are key to a building’s longevity.  
  • Don’t forget the gate!  Customers are trusting you with their valuable belongings so be sure to make your customers feel that the property is safe and secure. 

Are self-storage projects a good investment?

Self-storage developments are a great investment that will break even very quickly due to the fairly low development costs and relatively high returns. However, you will need a self-storage building contractor with experience in building multi or single-story self-storage projects.

Single Story Self storage construction: Single story constructions are a great start for a storage business. Kerzner’s full-service construction project management will help you build and design your self-storage project.

Multi-story self-storage: We’ve also built multi-story self-storage units for higher yield.

How much does it cost to build a storage unit complex?

The cost really depends on your project: single vs multi-story etc. The cost also depends on the site selection, foundation, and many other factors that Kerzner Contracting can use their experience to help with your self storage project.  

For detailed information get a free custom quote from our self-storage contractors.

Recent Self-Storage Contracting Project

Metro Self Storage - Westhampton Beach

What makes this project stand out is the top of the line finishes. The lighting, high gloss paint and millwork tie in this luxurious look.

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