Areas of Focus


At Kerzner Contracting, we recognize the value of planning, insightful design reviews and technically skilled staff. That is why we have become a premier construction manager in this specialized pharmaceutical/industrial sector and remain a leader in this arena.


Self-Storage Construction is a very specialized, niche construction vertical. Our experience includes construction of facilities exceeding 100k square feet.

Capital Improvements

Most commercial tenants prefer to build out their space to fit their specific preferences and requirements. We understand the importance of attracting the highest quality tenants and helping them bring their vision to fruition.


We understand the importance of keeping the end users close in mind – doctors and caregivers and patients of all ages and their families. Our expertise in this industry means we are on top of the latest healthcare trends, which allows our team to meet today’s standards.


Kerzner Contracting has become the tri-state areas go-to general contractor among the nations leading franchises.


Thirty years of experience designing, developing and executing hospitality and restaurant projects.